Financial technology

MPurse, a third-party payment company with 100% Chinese holding, hold the first PPI licence issued to Chinese Holding Company. With affordable cost, MPurse aims to provide appropriate and effective financial services to all levels and groups who have financial services needs through a high-degree integration of technology and finance; and focus on consumer, to create a one-stop scene consumer platform based on real name authentication and trust
Currently our business has 2 two Major modules :Mobile Distribution Systems solution provider and Micro ATM.

Pioneer of Mobile Distribution Systems solution providing
Combining Vsun Group’s inherent advantages on smart phones, Mpurse is the first in India to launch solution for mobile phone distribution industry, which seamlessly connects mobile phone brand manufacturers, agents, retailers and promoters, and lets agents, retailers and promoters get cash incentives from mobile phone brand manufacturers in real time. It also pioneers the connection between mobile phone brand manufacturers and consumers, allowing users to obtain purchase subsidies, direct contact between brand manufacturers and customers, and increasing the mobile brand loyalty.

Micro ATM: Allowing users to enjoy convenient and fast financial services without ban kcards
There are more than 200 million bank card holders in India, while the rest (over 1 billion) do not have bank cards. MPurse creatively uses the Internet and smartphones to create a financial solution under the sharing economy model: canteen and convenience stores become "ATM machine" that can provide financial services at any time, providing entrance for cash recharging, transferring, withdrawal and purchasing financial services. After many years of continuous exploration, Mpurse has made full use of big data and internet technologies to promote human-centred inclusive financial services, which keeps practicing the company's relentless pursuit to eradicate poverty and achieve social equity.

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