Director of Operations


1.To formulate and implement the company's overall marketing and promotion planning, marketing operation planning, brand planning, and Internet operation innovation.
2. Formulate development company brand and marketing strategy, take full charge of corporate brand advertise and promotion, enhance company brand image and popularity .
3.Planning and organizing online and offline marketing activities, combined with the Internet operation and promotion channels, disseminating company's value and brand to obtain new users & maintain current users, improve user stickiness and user transformation;
4. Responsible for new media operation and promotion, network marketing, and the company's official website, mall, wechat and other operation works;
5. Responsible for production and packaging of products'market information, and training for product marketing;
6. Responsible for market research and industry analysis, organize and collect industry information and competitor information, analyze relevant data and market, and assist Company's business decision;
7. Analyzing company's capital operation of the brand value molding to obtain a good value of the capital market evaluation results;
8. Reporting company's market operation progress and operation regularly , submit monthly, quarterly and annual market Operation reports;
9. Responsible for team building, internal management mechanism and establishment&improvement of business process;
10. Keeping trade secret and complete other tasks assigned by company

requirements :

1.Bachelor degree in maketing management, media operation or related field.
2.Familiar with intelligent hardware, internet, wechat, weibo or other internet new media promotion method.
3. Excellent brand planning, platform promotion and operation capabilities, familiarity with various media operating methods, and successful experience in market promotion;
4. Have a keen market insight, strong analytical and problem solving skills, with excellent resource integration and business promotion capabilities;
5. Excellent communication, coordination and organization skills, rich team building and management experience.
6.Strong sense of responsibility, good professional quality, able to accept challenges and work under pressure;

Background in the Internet industry, and a deep understanding of the field of IoT development is preferred.

Driver Enginner

1. take charge of  mobile phone Peripheral driver.(Touch  ,LCD ,camera ect) 
2. Design, develop, and validate device drivers for new peripheral hardware ,make files
3. Have a certain understanding of hardware knowledge, familiar with the electronic schematic diagram;
4. have Qualcomm/mtk/exhibition function or smart phone Platform driver commissioning 1 years experience or above.
5. Responsible, serious, positive, proactive, clear thinking, with good problem analysis and solving ability, team work spirit;
6. Practical, good foundation can be appropriately relaxed requirements, and will focus on training, and provide a good development space.

Project Manager
Job description: 

1. Participate in the formulation of the project management system, processes, and the project manager's job qualification standards, and provide the mechanism guarantee for the company's project management;
2. Coordinating the overall implementation plan of the project to ensure compliance with customer requirements;
3, Monitoring the progress and quality of the implementation of the project, providing support and assistance to ensure the implementation of the project's overall implementation plan;
4. When there is a conflict between the resource requirements of the in charge of the project, according to the strategic position of the project in the company and the actual resource allocation of the company, a proposal for resource allocation is proposed to ensure the implementation of the key project.
5. Summarize and analyze the customer demand information feedback from the sales department and submit it to the project team for decision-making and timely processing;
6. Assist in the establishment of a horizontal communication platform for project managers, promote cross-platform communication among project managers, and promote the continuous improvement of the company's overall project management.

1. Familiar with all aspects of mobile phone integration, understanding of mold, craft, structure and other knowledge;
2. There should good English speaking and writing ability/skills, be able to communicate with foreign clients;
3. Careful, active, responsible;
4.Good at communication, strong expression skills, good interpersonal communication skills and team spirit;
5.Work experience of major brand mobile phone companies (Samsung, Huawei, VIVO, Meizu, etc.), leading or participating in the company's flagship project management;
6.Bachelor degree or above, 4 years of mobile phone project management experience

RF enginner 
job qualification

1. communication engineering and other related majors, bachelor degree or above, at least three years experience in mobile phone development 
2. Familiar with basic knowledge of meta-line communication, RF circuits and related devices
3.  familiar with RF and microwave circuit design, and the use of various RF devices
4. Collaborate on project tasks completed by various departments

Job responsibility

1. RF schematic diagram and PCB review in the project.
2. The project sends out the output frequency band configuration, and 4G Modem.
3. After the P2 PCBA back to the shipping area , confirm the hardware and software configuration are consistent.
4. RF conduction part of the commissioning, and supplier commissioning progress of the control, the output of the replacement list to the baseband.
5. RF part of the cost costdown.

Oversea Sales Manager
Job qualification

1. College degree or above, 2 years sales experience in mobile phone industry;
2. CET 6 can communicate with foreginer’s customer
3. Well communicate and negotiate ability.
4. Can adapt to go on bussiness

Job responability
1. Develop and maintain customer relationship and actively develop market
2. To reach the sales mission assigned by the company
3. Grooming and managing relationships with customers
4. Master market Trends, develop sales strategies, analyze and plan the market.

Software engineer

1, computer, electronic communications or related majors, college and university degree or above;
2, MTK function feature/smart phone Platform Upper MMI debugging 1 years and above experience;
3, have MTK, Spreadtrum, Qualcomm Platform Software development experience.
4, proficient in C + + programming, proficient in data structures, algorithms, proficient in Eclipse tools development and application;
5, our company is based on feature/smart phone Platform ,it’s a good opportunity for the candidate who have feature phone platform to the develop smart phone platform experiences.

Job Responsibilities:
1, responsible for the function module design and development of the current platform product , solving all the problems independently in the product development process;
2, participate in the design and development of new platform/new projects;
3, responsible for MTK feature/smart phone Platform Upper development;
 4, follow the software development process, complete the programming, product development and debugging.

Welfare Benefits:

1. We implement a 40h/week working system;
2. We provide competitive salary and treatment in the industry, and provide social insurance and house fund according to Law (endowment, medical, unemployment, work injury, maternity insurance, housing accumulation Fund);
3. You will have daily lunch subsidy + overtime dinner subsidy and  year-end bonus;
4. You will enjoy free large group tourism annually, department activities monthly, sports, birthday activities, fellowship and so on;
5. You will have national holiday as well as marriage leave, maternity leave, bereavement leave, paid annual leave and so on;


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